Auto-compounding like you’ve never imagined before

The Oryen team is building an Oryen Network named $ORY, a community-owned, censorship-resistant, reserve currency which looks to pay all $ORY stakers every 60 minutes and 24 times a day!

Presale Five Ends in


Presale Five Goal: 8,424,177 $ORY

Presale Protocol Stats:

Total Presale $ORY Available:


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Current $ORY Presale Price:

$ 0

Oryen Launch Date: 30th December, 2022

Launch Price:

$ 0
Oryen Network Symbol

Presale Five Ends in


Presale Five Goal: 8,424,177 $ORY

Contract Address: 0x00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Presale Bonuses

Presale Phase 4

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Presale Phase 6

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How does Oryen’s OAT work?


Staking plays an integral role within Oryen’s ecosystem. By staking your $ORY, users
are securing funds within our protocol, which helps contribute to $ORY’s long-term price stability.

In exchange for showing monetary support within Oryen Network, those holding the $ORY token receive a pro-rata share of our rebases daily, along with governance rights in regards to how the protocol moves forward.

Anti-Whale Tax

We have implemented a large tax within our ecosystem, this is due to a few important issues we have observed within a lot of new projects:

We have built the protocol with the end user in mind, our main objective is to create a stable and fixed return which will never increase or decrease regardless of current market conditions. With this in mind, we want to prevent any large whale selling orders and by implementing a higher tax on sales while not only achieve this but also encourage users to keep their $ORY staked and earning 90% yearly.

What are we trying to achieve at ORYEN?

Our long-term goal at Oryen Network is to make $ORY a recognised stable digital currency, which is used within different platforms and network chains. After observing and learning from the DeFi sectors’ previous mistakes, here are the main key points to take away as to how we look to differentiate ourselves from other projects:

RFV Wallet

RFV means Risk-Free Value, a separate wallet within Oryen’s protocol. The Risk-Free Value of the treasury is a conservative measure allowing us to estimate, at any given time, a buffer value to be maintained by the project.

In times of extreme market conditions, the backing of each ORY supplied could go down. The RFV wallet complements each asset’s market price, which can be used to calculate the total current market value of the treasury. Typically, RFV
wallets hold assets such as stablecoins and protocol-owned liquidity priced at the lowest possible $ORY price.

OAT System

The Oryen team has created Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT); OAT not only makes the way you stake easier but also offers the highest, stable returns within the current market conditions.

The OAT system uses a complex algorithm set with specific factors to help manage and maintain both rebase rewards and underlying price. Our development team has factored in human nature and also uses a type of game theory created by previous successful staking projects; these are some of the complicated
elements used behind the scenes. The result is an elegant and seamless staking and rewards system to be utilized by all $ORY holders.


Our treasury will play a critical role within Oryen’s OAT protocol. It provides three extremely vital functions for the sustainability and growth of Oryen over the long term.

Not only will we have the RFV wallet to support our backing price but have implemented our treasury as we emergency back-up for financial support for the RFV. Additional support can be necessary when creating a floor value for
the $ORY token. Apart from other support, the treasury will also be used to fund new products, services, and projects created by the Oryen team. These efforts will build and expand the use cases for $ORY and the Oryen economy, creating value for our token holders.

Tax & Token Information

Token Name Oryen Favicon Oryen
Token Ticker $ORY
Decimals 18
Initial supply 40,000,000 $ORY
Token Presale Phase Dates Presale Five - 23rd November 2022 - 2nd December, 2022 (Ongoing )
Contract address: 0xe5f0319Fe78c899e5Fa641e1814d781EbD411224
Launch Date 30th December, 2022

*In accordance to performance, tokenomics are subjected to change

Buy Tax Trading Fees: 8%

  • Risk-Free Value Wallet: 2%
  • Liquidity Pool: 3%
  • Treasury Development: 3%

Sell Tax Trading Fees: 12%

  • Risk-Free Value Wallet: 4%
  • Liquidity Pool: 4%
  • Treasury Development: 4%

Taxes within our ecosystem is vital to maintain our high yielding fixed APY, while
also creating a safe floor price level for $ORY tokens. These Taxes encourages holding within the protocol to earn your yield rather than trading the token for value.

Please find our Tax Multi-Sig Wallets Below:

Token Allocation & Funds Distribution




$ORY presale: 25,143,589


Oryen Liquidity Pool: 1,333,333


Genesis Team: 4,000,000


Oryen Marketing:2,000,000


Project Development: 4,000,000


Rewards + Giveaway: 880,025


Community Treasury Support: 2,642,053

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To Do List


The $ORY token will be available on Pancakeswap DEX once the presale is over.

You will receive your presale $ORY at launch day.

Rebases are paid out every epoch, in Oryen’s case every 60 minutes.

No, our unique feature is our stable and high yield APY. By implementing our buy/sell tax and OAT protocol, we are able to promise a 90% APY on all $ORY tokens purchased.

We are in the latter stages of a 3rd Party Smart contract audit, once verified we will announce within our community.

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